Beautiful Souls: Portraits of Africa

I would love to invite each of you to my exhibit at the Pembina Hills Art Gallery from September 4-28th.   The exhibit is entitled Beautiful Souls:  Portraits of Africa.  All of the proceeds  from the exhibit will go to bringing hope and restoration to the orphaned children of Ethiopia through HOPEthiopa.


my bags are packed. my heart is ready to be filled with the sights, smells and beautiful people of Africa.


until the end of August, it will not be possible for me to reply to emails concerning photo sessions and bookings. thanks!

~it gives one hope, this great strength of Africa~ stephen lewis



From Melissa Faye Green’s book, There is No Me Without You, she highlights the magnitude of the orphan crisis in Africa were close to 12 million children are orphaned as a result of HIV/Aids:


“Who was going to raise twelve million children?

That is what I suddenly wanted to know.

“Who was teaching twelve million children how to swim?

Who was signing twelve million permission slips for school field trips?

Who packed twelve million school lunches?

Who cheered at twelve million soccer games?

Who was going to buy twelve million pairs of sneakers that light up when you jump?

Backpacks? Toothbrushes? Twelve million pairs of socks? Who will tell twelve

million bedtime stories?

…….in Africa a generation of parents, teachers, principals, physicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, poets, bureaucrats, coaches, farmers, bankers, and business owners are being erased.” pp 22-23


The reality of the aids crisis can seem crippling to me. Hopeless. And then I remember Haregewoin Teferra a women that gave the gift of hope and love to hundreds of little people.  Hope is present. In the midst of sadness and tragedy there is strength and love and a hope that reaches into the darkness. A hope that doesn’t give up.