when all is said & done


When Jo & I were first married, I worked as a health care aid in a senior’s home. I loved the people there. I often would look at the black and white pictures that decorated their small rooms. They were full of stories. One man, sitting in his wheel chair, with a twinkle in his eye, often told me how he loved to waltz with his wife & that  he use to be quite the dancer.  Another women told me of her work as a nurse during the war.  Many times, as I would help her with her socks she showed me her shrapnel wounds that marked her legs but then quickly moved on in her story to how she fell in love with a certain soldier. She would describe how handsome he was. I loved hearing these stories, even when they were told to me over & over again.

A certain morning the head nurse  of the care home asked if I would sit beside one of my favourite residence. She had a small frail frame and lovely wispy white hair. She  often  would be seen standing with her walker at the doorway of her room so she could greet those coming down her hallway.  But that certain day, my sweet friend was no longer able to greet us with her smiles.  I was asked to spend my morning at her bedside so she would not be alone in her ending moments. I felt this certain sacredness being in  the presence of someone who was dying. I felt very humbled  & wondered if she did not mind my meager singing & prayers to Jesus.   She was unable to talk & I imagined as I stroked her arm  if heaven was already surrounding her. What would that feel like?  The next day I came to work wondering if I would spend it sitting beside my dear friend again.  I had already thought of more things I would say, of how I might do better in the way I showed her love then I had the day before. But I knew as I walked down the hallway that she was gone.  Her time on earth was done. I am sure like most of us do, I thought about my own purpose on earth  & about the “treasures” I store up that really don’t matter at all. Her life, and the many other lives of the residences tenderly pointed towards the treasures that really do matter.

“When all is said & done there is just one thing that matters.  Did I do my best to live for Truth? When  its all been is said and done all my treasures will mean nothing only what I have done for Loves reward will stand the test of time.”