turn Your eyes upon Jesus

I love having one on one times with my kids. Lately I have been trying to be more intentional about spending time praying with them & hearing their thoughts on what God is about in their life. Their insights are beautiful to me. I am inspired by their desire for authenticity & by their freedom to raise questions when some things just don’t seem to make sense.

 I asked Samuel if it was okay  if I wrote a bit about our devotions we have had in the last few days. Sam is great at finding passages that we can talk through together.  The  passage that he chose tonight  spoke deep into my heart. Being a kid growing up singing hymns, many of their old tunes are etched in my heart. Their melodies have rung alongside me as I have struggled, asked questions, in my ordinary days, and in days that have left deeper imprints of who I am as a person. Tonight was about one of these hymns and the story about the women who wrote it.

  Helen was was born in England in 1863. She was gifted with a beautiful voice & chose to use her voice to encourage others. She eventually married & continued her singing in Los Angeles.  Shortly after, she started to become blind & her husband soon left her.  Although she faced much heartache, she continued to keep her heart soft.

 In this time, Helen was given some beautiful words by a friend. It touched her deeply & she carried on to pen the hymn, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, from these words.  Helen continued to live out these words until she passed away at the age of 97. (this story came from the daily devotional at Pocket Fuel.com)

Thanks Samuel for pointing me toward a childhood song, that has once again become my prayer for today.


Nichole Nordemam – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Look Up) [Lyrics] from nichole-nordeman on GodTube.

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