creation calls


I stood here for a long time, hearing the prairie wind dance with the grain. These are the places I meet God.  My heart is stirred here  knowing that my Creator is present. I feel small, but in a way that comforts me, knowing that Your presence is bigger then mine. In my smallness I am able to be surrounded by You, like a child that seeks comfort in a parent’s arms.

These images were taken the day I heard Brian Doerksen sing “Creation Calls”, a song that speaks in so many ways of my own faith journey.

“I have felt the wind blow, whispering my name, I have seen Your tears  fall when I watch the rain  & how could I say there is no God when all around creation calls?  A singing bird, a mighty tree the vast expanse of open sea,

to walk through golden fields of grain with endless blue horizons frame.

I believe.” b. doerksen

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