This morning, as I wandered some of Southern Manitoba’s countryside looking for some upcoming session ideas, I spotted a quaint backyard with pretty details. I pulled my van over, and tapped on the front door of the house.  A silver haired lady  graciously greeted me, & as she spoke I noticed her lovely English accent. With formal introductions aside, we began to talk  about our lives.

Alma Carson, born in 1921 in London England. This was only the beginning of her story……

She loved flowers right from her early childhood. Gardening was something she naturally spent time doing, she embrodiered & in a quiet way told me she was quite musical. She played the organ. Yes, I would have loved to have seen her hands play.

She told me she was a morning person, and still enjoys her Wednesday tea times.

I then noticed the wedding band on her finger &  so with a twinkle in her eye she told me about her love story.  She said it began during the war. A man named Albert was stationed in England, near where she resided. There happened to be a dance that they both attended. He spotted her, and came over and asked her to dance. After that  she said they would go on many walks in the countryside. From what I understand she then moved to Canada & letters where sent back & forth. In one of the letters he proposed. His heart needed to wait to hear back…..& then a letter came with her reply. Yes.

Isn’t that just beautiful?

Albert died in 1980. I asked if she still had that letter written so long ago. She told me she has kept it.

I believe it is difficult for me to adequately honour Alma with my words. I asked her if it would be okay if I told a bit of her story here & she said it would make her day.   She was one of those unexpected gems that comes along every now and then, &  a story told that somehow leaves that imprint on your heart.



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