The image of the shoes? The story does not need to end there. HOPE & JoY live here. Working alongside the widows & orphans of Malawi, Africa, I saw this hope and joy shine in the eyes of the people I met.

How amazing to watch women be empowered. To be taught skills (in this case soap making) in order to become self-sufficient. The images below tell a bit of the story of a group of widows in the city of Lilongowe, Malawi.  I loved to watch their eagerness to learn. I loved to be a witness to the transforming of lives.  We don’t need to stop at the images of sorrow and despair. All I need to do is look into the eyes of my Malawian friends, and they urge me to keep going. I am thankful that a bit of my journey has met theirs. I am grateful that we can walk alongside each other, encouraging one another to never give up.

  • the beginning process of soap making

  • watching the soap recipe begin it’s transformation.

  • pouring the soap into the moulds

  • a local Malawian women we hired that taught the widows the soap making process as well as business skills to sell the soap in the market.

  • I love this women. I learned that she loved playing sports as a child (a common interest we shared). We ended up being on the same net ball team one HOT sunny afternoon. Let me tell you, she could play!

  • suds of JoY!

  • watching as their soap transformed a dirty shirt (have you ever seen the red soil of Malawi?) back to WHITE.

  • Children & women who’s eyes sparkle with Hope & JoY