This moment was captured just as I peeked around the corner to “find” my friend in a great game of hide and seek. I often would hear a small voice call out “here I am!” as it was just too exciting to wait to be found.  But  as you can see, this time someone was working hard at not revealing their hiding spot.

Thanks Sawyer for playing with me on your grandpa’s farmyard-what fun we had!

creation calls


I stood here for a long time, hearing the prairie wind dance with the grain. These are the places I meet God.  My heart is stirred here  knowing that my Creator is present. I feel small, but in a way that comforts me, knowing that Your presence is bigger then mine. In my smallness I am able to be surrounded by You, like a child that seeks comfort in a parent’s arms.

These images were taken the day I heard Brian Doerksen sing “Creation Calls”, a song that speaks in so many ways of my own faith journey.

“I have felt the wind blow, whispering my name, I have seen Your tears  fall when I watch the rain  & how could I say there is no God when all around creation calls?  A singing bird, a mighty tree the vast expanse of open sea,

to walk through golden fields of grain with endless blue horizons frame.

I believe.” b. doerksen

Look who I got to take portraits of yesterday evening! Isn’t he handsome?