happy anniversary Jo! my heart just keeps on getting bigger for you!

The same morning light that rested on Union Square made those wandering through this back alley forget about the garbage at foot, and seemed to lift your eyes to the bouncing light between the building’s fire escapes. I love these magical transformations.


good morning san francisco!

With yummy Flying Goat coffee in hand, I loved watching the morning sun find its between the tall buildings and cascade down into union square.  How lovely to be amongst the sounds of the cable cars that rumbled down the steep city streets, the breeze from the ocean & a city awakening to another day. Good morning San Francisco!

Hello! For those of you inquiring about photo sessions I will be unable to respond to emails until the end of next week since I am on holidays.  I am excited to fill up the blog with a bunch of new sessions when I get back ! Have a great long week-end everyone!