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Armstrong National Park, California

John Muir, one of the earliest activists for the preservation of the Grand Canyon &  of redwood forests. He became a public voice for setting aside & protecting land that is now some of our most revered National Parks.



These incredibly tall trees can reach 350 feet in height but have very shallow root systems often no more then 12 feet deep. Because of such a shallow root system, the roots of a redwood tree extend out to 150 feet from the base, interlocking with roots from neighboring trees.  As the roots intertwine they provide additional strength & stability to the trees.

The tallest tree measuring more then 310 feet tall. This is longer then the length of a football field.


The oldest tree in this grove, estimated at around 1400 years old. It is named after a lumberman who chose to preserve this portion of the park in the early 1870’s. Thanks Colonel Armstrong!


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