~courage doesn’t always roar. sometimes courage is the the quiet voice at the end of the day saying i will try again tomorrow~ radmacker


queenston heights

After a beautiful july day of touring we found reprieve under some shade at queenston heights park. Brocks Monument stands firm here  & overlooks the historic village of Queenston & the mighty  Niagara River which winds its way to meet Lake Ontario. Beautiful!

happy valentine’s day!

These two are the early risers in our house. They often play in Anaya’s room, read stories to each other, & just hang out with whispers & giggles until the rest of us say yes to the morning sun. Unknown to jo or myself at the time, the other morning Caleb found Anaya crying in her room. She had lost a tooth the day before & woke up excited to find the treasure the tooth fairy so kindly leaves. However there was neither the tooth or treasure. Just to be clear,  yes, I had slipped a loonie underneath her pillow & like all good fairies do, had taken the tooth to build my white castle, however,  it must of slipped underneath her mattress covers. Caleb hearing her sad story quickly came up with a plan.  He explained to her that sometimes the fairy gets confused & puts her gift under another siblings pillow. He told her to wait in her room & said he would check under his pillow. Quickly finding a toonie from his piggy back he ran back to Anaya & confirmed his suspicion-yes the tooth fairy had made a mistake.

I would have never known this has occured  only that when Anaya showed me her toonie (what?! the tooth fairy only has a budget for loonies?) I quietly said to Jo that I was sure I had put a loonie & not a toonie under her pillow. Caleb overheard my confusion & explained that mornings events.

Today being the day we buy flowers, share a gift or tell someone “i love you” I have to think about tooth fairies, missing loonies  & a brother who chose to mend a sister’s sad heart.