klassen family


I believe it was around this time last year  that I received an email from British Columbia requesting two summer sessions. Monica and her family were travelling to Manitoba to visit their family & hoped to have pictures of both the Klassen & Loeppky families. As we emailed back & forth a friendship began to grow. At one point we talked about something special that could be included in the Klassen session. Monica mentioned a colourful quilt her mother had made her before she had passed away. I loved this idea & was thankful we could wrap some of her mother’s warmth around those that dearly loved her.

Thanks Monica for your dear friendship. You know you are always welcome here!

cousin LoVe


more of this summer session coming to the blog! happy monday!

~ be soft. do not let the world make you hard. do not let the pain make you hate. do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place~ k.vonnegut


jays vs yankees

One of our family’s many summer highlights was catching a subway to downtown Toronto to watch the Jays vs. Yankees. On our subway ride there,  Anaya intently listened as the  the boys chattered about their favourite Blue Jay players. I didn’t think she was all that interested in the game itself, but was loving the fact that we were together as a family in a big new city.   I believe there was just an unspoken assumption that the Voths would collectively be cheering on the Jays. However, Anaya suddenly piped up. She clearly stated that she would NOT be cheering for the Jays but was a Yankees fan. The boys tried to convince her otherwise, but her mind was made up.

As we sat and watched the warm up, amongst the crowd, Anaya’s voice was clear. Go Yankees!! Not only did this seem to surprise those around her, but somehow a Yankees player seemed to take note of her cheering. Nick Swisher glanced up our way…..& a moment later he turned around, pointed at her, and threw her the ball. Jo receiving the ball, put it in her hands & Anaya thinking he was playing catch, was about to throw it back.  She was convinced to keep it, and yelled, Thanks Swisher!

Not only did the Yankees win that night, but amongst the fans dressed in their Blue Jays gear,  the newest  Yankee fan walked out of the  stadium happily holding her official major league baseball.