~making the decision to have a child is momentous. it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body~ elizabeth stone

rempel family


Heaven to me is a beautiful mystery. I don’t necessarily have concrete images of what heaven will look like but when I think of those who have already begun to walk on heaven’s floor, I have a longing to be there with them. My longing becomes deeper when I think of my dad and the many times I miss him in the spaces that he once filled here on earth.

When Mary contacted me to do some family pictures of her and her boys, I imagined this to be such a courageous step for her. Her husband John died almost two years to the date of our session. These were the first family photos where John would not be standing beside her.

I have heard once that LoVe is light from heaven. Of course, nothing fills that space that John once did, but somehow I believe that every now & then a few of heaven’s windows are opened to illuminate some of the beauty that God has given to us as we walk our journey on earth, especially when that journey comes with pain & heartbreak. I can’t speak for Mary, but I loved the way the light that evening illuminated her children’s beauty.  I love to imagine & I wonder if the light that trinkled down from above was John’s way of whispering I love you  to his family.

Thank-you Mary for your gentleness, your kindness & the beautiful way you love your children.