Beautiful Souls: Portraits of Africa

I would love to invite each of you to my exhibit at the Pembina Hills Art Gallery from September 4-28th.   The exhibit is entitled Beautiful Souls:  Portraits of Africa.  All of the proceeds  from the exhibit will go to bringing hope and restoration to the orphaned children of Ethiopia through HOPEthiopa.

melkam gena!



Shortly before Christmas I found myself wandering the shops of Polo Park. I was tired and wondered why I had chosen to surround myself by the busyness that a mall brings at Christmas .With coffee in hand, I decided to head to the lower level of The Bay where less people seemed to go. The elevator doors opened and I stepped in along with another women that immediatly caught my eye. She was in her late 70’s and was garbed in traditional Ethiopian robes. I looked up at her and told her how beautiful she looked. She stared back at me unable to translate my English words. Alongside was her daughter who spoke back to me in English. How do you know my mother’s clothes are Ethiopian? I told her my daughter was from Ethiopia and that I have travelled to Addis Ababa. She immediatly spoke Amharic to her mother, and soon I was being embraced and spoken to as if I was a life-long friend. Her mother had just arrived from Addis the day before. I somehow wanted to breath in her presence , as if when I did,  a part of her homeland would be taken with me. Between her daughter translating for me, I told of our family’s wishes to travel back to Ethiopia in the near future. The daughter spoke with excitiment, telling me that her mother extended an invitation to our family to come stay with their family in Addis, that she would cook for us and we would be well taken care of.  After exchanging names and addresses, I was embraced and told that we would see eachother again when our family arrived in Ethiopia.

As I walked away,   I realized I did not need my stocking filled, or a wish list made. I had already received a Christmas gift-an unexpected blessing from Ethiopia.

Today, January 7 marks the celebration of Christmas in Ethiopia. Melkam Gena!


for you….


nestled amongst homemade fridge magnets & flower pots a candle is lit.  it is a reminder to me that there is a women that is part of the beautiful fabric of our family.  my road & hers are connected. today as i hear the sweet words happy mother’s day mommy! from a brown eyed girl, along with joy, my heart is sent to those miles away where you chose life. today i want to honour you.