london wanderings

as you will see the next collection of posts are some of my wanderings through London, England.  the history, beautiful architecture, diverse cultures & my gracious host Reesa made it a place i hope to travel back to.  you are more then welcome to grab a warm cup of coffee and wander through some of London’s streets with me!

along with the colourful doors that cheerfully welcomed those entering a london flat, i loved the muted tones of the old stone that surrounded these big glass windows.


wishes at kensington palace

amongst the  gardens of Kensington Palace was this beautiful arbour strung with glass red balls. inside were secret wishes that people had placed there.

gordon’s wine bar


this is thought to be the oldest wine bar in London which may make it one of the oldest in the world. its unique and charming atmosphere speaks of many stories & is one of those lovely gems within the big city of London.